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Supreme Comercial MUNDI 10.6 03/01/11 Trial version English

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Supreme Comercial MUNDI is a SOFTWARE application for COMMERCE,Small Business AUTOMATION, CONTROL and MANAGEMENT. It is projected/designed to be used in PC Computers with Microsoft Windows, for almost ALLtypes of Commerce / Small Business, Small Shops and Offices.

SC. MUNDI system - Main Features::A modern, practical, objective, intuitive, and easy-to-use SOFTWARE SYSTEM forAUTOMATION, CONTROL and MANAGEMENT of Your Company/Business.

Inventory Control, Sales, functional POS (Point-Of-Sale), Cash Register/Flow;DataBase for Records/Files of Customers, Suppliers/Manufacturers, your Products and/or Services;Quickly locate the informations you need, even having thousands of Customers and Items in database;Allows up to 3 codes and 3 sales prices (3 price lists) for each item/product.

Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable (automatically created on installment sales);Payment Plans/detailed Conditions for installment sales;Control of received Checks, Consignments; Credit Limit Control for Clients;Generate and Print a lot of Reports (most in A4 standard page format), Labels, Business Statistical Graphs/Charts, BarCodes,Budgets, Receipts,.

Compatible with almost all PC printers, includingEPSON TM/POS series receipt printers;Multi-Language: you may just select your Language to use the Software (default is English), orselect a different language for each computer in the case of a multi-user local-network environment;Local-Network (~Ethernet) enabled (02 to 10 computers): Share the Informations(that must be shared), Share the Work!

Multi-User, Multi-Task. Sample: Administration, Cashier 1, Cashier 2, Sales, Credit. Software Updates free for 1 year (at least 3 new improved versions are released in this period).

You may participate with suggestions - related to generic small business software - to make the software even better for all users. Registered users of the Full Version are notified by e-mail, with free access tothese updates and its enhancements, through internet file download + quick-and-easy update installation;Automatic integration with Barcode Readers/Scanners plugged with the keyboard,and interpretation of Balances/Weighing-machines-generated barcode tags;.

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